We plan other loan products for specific communities and situations.
For example, we are planning to launch a “Sharia” Compliant loan that will be based on current work we are undertaking with support from Barclays Bank Plc.

We are networked with Micro-finance organisations in the UK and abroad. With some of these networks, we are planning a pro poor community development investment fund to provide migrant people with credit domiciled in the UK that may be used to build community assets elsewhere.
For example, we are looking at the modalities of funding the building of a health centre in a remote village in Ghana, West Africa through a group of “home town descendants” domiciled in the UK.
We believe that this type of loan product will make practical sense of remittances as a driver of development in addition to securing tangible benefits by migrant workers to their countries or areas of origin.
We expect to raise funding for this type of loan product separately from the work we undertake in the UK and where necessary, we will provide the option for people to contribute directly to the capital base of this activity.

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