Our Loan Products-We provide loans of up to £20,000.00 over a period of up to 3 years, more in certain circumstances. Our loans are not soft. We charge commercial interest rates and in some cases our interest rate may be more expensive than a mainstream bank.
However, we do not charge excessive interest. The different types of loans we provide include;

Business growth - Up to £20,000.00 to support growth opportunities for existing businesses. This loan is suitable for businesses that have been trading for up to three years with a checkable trading history. We may look for this type of loan to support the creation of at least 1 full time equivalent post
in the business.

Welfare to self employment loans - Where the applicant is on welfare and receiving benefit such as Job Seekers Allowance, we will offer a comprehensive package of self employment training upon completion of which a loan of up to £10,000.00 will be advanced subject to a viable business plan.
This loan will mainly benefit those who are setting up as jobbers, sub-contractors, semi-skilled artisans, decorators, construction and allied building tradesmen. From our experience, this is a loan product that will suit project and area based initiatives such as New Deal for Communities (NDC) residents.

Start-up loans - Up to £20,000.00 depending on security available and the level of capital being introduced into the business by the sponsor. A start-up loan can be provided to a new business that has not been trading for up to a year.

Re-Start loan-A Re-start loan is similar to the welfare to self employment loans. The only difference is that for a re-start loan, you must prove that you are returning to the labour market after a sustained period of absence i.e. ex offenders, long term unemployed etc.
The requirement for a formal course of training is the same as for a welfare to self employment loan.

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