We Offer
•Loans of up to £20,000.00
•Business support and diagnostics to assess viability of the business concept
•Business growth support including
portfolio management
•Networking, peer learning, business mentoring and exchange programs
•Social enterprise development – expert help on full cost recovery modelling
•New start and existing enterprise
growth initiatives

Who do we aim to support
While our loan funds are accessible to a wider group of people who are finding it difficult to raise loan finance from mainstream
institutions, we do tend to focus on certain marginalized and in some cases “hard to reach” groups. We are specifically seeking to help ethnic people who fall into any of the following categories;

•Lone parents
•Long term unemployed – unemployed for 6 months or more
•Refugees and asylum seekers
•Women in business
•Social enterprise and self help groups
What about security
We will look for adequate security to cover
our loans. Where you have access to superior assets such as property, we will take this
over other less secure assets.
However, we will aim to be flexible about security and make decisions based on the business case presented and the ability to repay the loan.

Membership of Ethnic Mutual is based on the aquisition of withdrawable share capital.
Currently we are offering withdrawable shares in bundles of 100 each at the nominal value of £1.00 per share.

•You can dowlnload the withdrawable share application form and here.

Withdarawable Shares Application form

The Team
The Trustee Board from which the loan panel is derived is made up of the following:

Maxine James
Derek Harleston
Rev. Francis Kabuye

Titus Boye-Thompson - Secretary
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